Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gene Appel: King Saul - Standing Tall, Falling Hard

On my other blog, I wrote about Gene Appel, a teaching pastor who recently left the staff at Willow Creek Community Church. Gene's insightful and anointed ministry of teaching and preaching has blessed me very greatly over the past few years.

Gene's last message at Willow Creek was just posted to Digg this past week, and you can listen to it or download it here. From the life of Saul, Israel's first king who stood tall but fell hard, Gene teaches a lesson every believer needs to hear:

Partial obedience equals disobedience. Partial faithfulness equals unfaithfulness. This is a message we must understand as a prerequisite, if God is to send revival to his Church.

I hope you find this sermon as moving as I did.

A Word of Warning to the Saints

In this sermon, based on the life of Moses and the wanderings of the people of Israel in the desert, Lon Solomon, Senior Pastor of McLean Bible Church, in Virginia, reminds Christians that while God is faithful to forgive the sins of those who repent (I John 1:9), forgiveness does not always mean that God will remove the consequences of our sins. This sermon is a powerful reminder of the holiness of God and the necessity of repentance and holy living on the part of God's people.