Sunday, July 6, 2008


Laminin! Yeah, I had never heard of it either, until I heard a reference to it in a sermon this morning and decided to check it out. It is a protein that holds our bodies together at the molecular level, and it just happens to be in the shape of a Cross., the excellent resource for checking out internet hoaxes has an article on laminin. The article confirms that the protein is in the shape of a Cross, but offers the following points in an effort to dispel any notion that this has special significance. [Comments in brackets are my responses to each point.]
It is not uncommon for sermons and other Christian devotional/inspirational writings to cite this passage in comparison with some scientific concept: Just as gravity or atoms or molecules are the "glue" that holds the physical world together, so God or Jesus is the force that binds the spiritual world. The example involving laminin glycoprotein cited above is one example of this form, with the addition of a graphic meant to illustrate how God's design is evident (in the shape of a cross) in the molecular structure of laminin — what literally holds us together (in a biological sense) was clearly created by He who spiritually holds us together. This particular example is based on the work of Christian pastor/evangelist Louie Giglio, as seen in the following video clip:

Discussions about whether or not nature evinces signs of a purposeful (Christian) creator are theological/scientific debates that can (and do) fill volumes, so we'll just note a few items to consider:

  • The structure of laminin antedates by many thousands of years traditional Christian accounts of the life of Jesus. [Yes, but the God who knew before time began that He would redeem humankind by means of the Cross could have reflected that design in the creation of the human body.]

  • A cross-like shape is a very simple structure that is commonly found in elements created naturally or accidentally. [Yes, but it is still interesting that the protein that holds the human body together just naturally or "accidentally" happens to be in the shape of the Cross.]

  • It is uncertain whether the form of the original crucifixion device was a stake, a T-shape, or the familiar cross of modern Christian iconography. [Yes, but the pattern that Christians have used throughout history to represent the atoning death of Christ (and that God forknew would be the form that has been immortalized) just happens to be the shape found in the protein molecule.]

  • One could find the shape of laminin to be reminiscent of a variety of common symbols aside from the cross. Some viewers say it reminds them more of a caduceus... (or a sword). [Yes, but it most immediately resembles A CROSS!]

Watch the video and tell me what you think!